Tour Dates 2018:

  • 20.-23. September 2018 - Releasekonzert "Keep Going" Gospelkirchentag in Karlsruhe
  • 28. September 2018 - Buchung noch möglich für "Keep Going"
  • 04. Oktober 2018 - Buchung noch möglich für "Keep Going"
  • 05. Oktober 2018 - Konzert "Keep Going" n.n. Uhr Freudenberg


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Special: 13. März 2016 - 13.30 / 19 Uhr Workshop & Konzert in Frechen mit BeOne unter der Leitung von Timo Böcking

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April 4th 2014   LUKE Ludwigsburg

April 10th 2014   FeG Wilden

April 11th 2014   FeG Worms

Gospel with Passion  gospelwithpassion



March 12th 2015  LUKE Ludwigsburg

March 15th 2015  FeG Aachen (service)

March 15th 2015  FeG Kierspe

March 26th 2015  Kath. Kirche Wilnsdorf

March 28th  Ev. Christuskirche Frankfurt-Niedernhausen (workshop)

March 29th  Ev. Christuskirche Frankfurt-Niedernhausen

April 5th  FeG Darmstadt (service)


"Gospel with Passion" is the name of Timo Böcking's new Easter project, which lives up to it's name musically and literally. Musically, it runs the gamut from expressive ballads to vivacious gospel songs, paying tribute to old masterpieces along the way. Alongside the pianist and composer, a highly talented cast of singers consisting of Anni Barth (soprano), Katja Zimmerman (alto), Bjoern Bergs (tenor), and Jan Primke (baritone), expressively and authentically interprets the meaningful text, which contains both German and English passages. The sparse line-up manages to perform both the fragile, delicate side and the powerful, vocal-dominated moments impressively and with a wide dynamic range. Passiontide and Easter, and therefore the life and suffering of Jesus Christ, are the contentual focus of the piece. Gospel with Passion is a refreshingly unconventional musical adaptation of what is believed to be the greatest event in human history, and offers the audience an entertaining yet profound reflection on the most important message of the Christian faith.

Event information

The project "Gospel with Passion" can be performed at a variety of event formats. Whether the occasion is a concert performance in a church, at a festival or any other religious celebration: the program can be adapted to your needs. The integration into Passiontide/Easter Masses, devotions, or events such as the Ostergarten work very well. In combination with a gospel choir workshop, the integration of existing choirs into the concert program is also possible.

The Passiontide and Easter Tour 2016 will take place from March 3rd to March 28th. We are now open for booking inquiries.

For more information regarding an individually tailored offer, please contact us via Email:


Timo Böcking


Timo Böcking began to develop his interest in music as a young child. After a period of autodidactic playing, he began to receive classical piano training from the age of eight. Later on, he studied with Markus Sahm and Armin Müller, with whom he was able to improve his improvisational skills and expand his musical horizon. In the following years, he was able to gather a lot of experience as a live and studio keyboard/piano player, composer, and arranger.

 He has worked with all sorts of artists from different genres; e.g. as a Hammond player for Helmut Jost, who was also a strong influence in Timo's musical development. His numerous activities in the Christian music scene are not by chance, but in fact motivated by his strong faith and belief in God.

 In his own musical projects, he is able to pursue his passion for instrumental music and compose for all sorts of different line-ups, yet his roots in Funk & Soul always shine through. Audiences are delighted by the mix of expressive ballads and earthy, powerful grooves, as well as his authentic stage presence. He feels just as much at home on the acoustic piano as he does on the electric piano, synthesizer and organ. As of now, he is studying music at the Musikhochschule in Cologne.





Anni Barth


Anni Barth has been a creative singer and flautist from a young age, winning prizes fom several music contests such as "Jugend musiziert" and playing as part of the Siegen youth symphony orchestra. After qualifying as a child care worker in Siegen, she studied voice at the Popakademie of the conservatory in Enschede (Netherlands), specialising in "vocal technique" and "studio vocal performance".

Her vocal and musical roots are in gospel music, which she grew up listening to as a child. At age 14, she joined the gospel choir "Reach Out" and has gathered a lot of experience since then, both live and in the studio. She has appeared on recordings with Jochen Rieger, Tore W. Aas, Dieter Falk, Helmut Jost, Ruthild Wilson, Danyelle Vanes, Siegfried Fietz, Werner Hoffmann, Luca Genta, and Sebastian Cuthbert, among others.

The 26-year-old is now an independent musician and singer, voice teacher, workshop instructor, and creative songwriter. At the moment, she is touring with her own solo project "Anni Barth Acoustic Trio", performing her own compositions and new arrangements of popular songs. At the same time, she is a member of various bands and vocal groups, e.g. with Helmut Jost & Gospelfire.






Katja Zimmermann


Her voice is a gift from heaven: she infuses pop songs with passion, charms the audience with her soulful narrations, and turns rock music into a powerful sonic experience. She gives the listener goosebumps - "WOW!", as H.ARTevents said about Katja Zimmermann.

For years, she has enriched many bands and recordings with her voice. Since 2009, she has been on the road with her own band, performing her own songs. Her EP "worthy to be loved" was released in Summer 2010. She won the Deutsche Rock&Pop Preis 2007 in the category "best pop female singer of the year", made popular through her musical collaboration with various Willow Creek conferences and as a soloist in the premiere of "Pop Messias".







Björn Bergs

tl_files/bilder/gospelwithpassion/Bjoern Bergs_klein.jpg

Es gibt kaum einen Abschnitt in seinem Leben, in dem er nicht in einem Chor gesungen hat. Das Singen ist für ihn so lebensnotwendig wie das Atmen und der gemeinsame mehrstimmige Gesang ist ein zentraler Teil seines Lebens. Schon früh hat er die Liebe zum Gospel entdeckt, die inzwischen zu einer wahren Leidenschaft herangewachsen ist.
Neben langjähriger Bühnenerfahrung als Chorsänger, Musicaldarsteller und Solist war er auch bereits an mehreren CD-Produktionen beteiligt.
Seit 2005 singt er bei LivingGospel Schalksmühle im Chor und als Solist. Er ist 39 Jahre jung, verheiratet und lebt in Lüdenscheid.



Jan Primke

tl_files/bilder/gospelwithpassion/Jan Primke, Portrait_.jpeg


Jan Primke is a qualified bass player (BSM, Cologne), guitarist, and TV/radio speaker. He began to play the guitar at the age of 9, and soon thereafter discovered his love for the electric bass. As a freelance musician and speaker, he is able to look back on over 1000 concerts and workshops in and outside of Germany. As a bass player and singer he can be heard on several recordings, and he also runs a recording studio in Dortmund that is specialized in voice-overs. As a voice talent, the Dortmund-based Jan Primke can be heard daily in countless TV & radio commercials, business presentations, answering machines, audio books, band EPKs, and hold messages. He is one of the writers on the WDR programme "Kirche in 1Live" (church on 1Live)


Jan has been married to Nele since 2011, and they have a daughter together. He is a member of the baptist church Christusgemeinde in Dortmund and ran the "180° Worshipevent" from 2005 to 2012.



by Martina Wirthwein, "Wormser Zeitung"

Foto von Martina Wirthwein, "Wormser Zeitung"


"... an entertaining yet profound reflection on the most important message of the Christian faith - sometimes melancholy and emotional, sometimes energetic and thrilling." (Wormser Zeitung, 2014)

"... an absolutely all-star cast!" (Pastor Michael Wiche, 2014)

"Der Titel des Projektes war Programm. Die Leidensgeschichte Jesu wurde von Timo Böcking in einem lebendigen, aber auch beeindruckenden Konzert dargestellt. [...] Ein Konzert, das zeigt, dass ein altes Thema durch eine neue Bearbeitung lebendig und ansprechend sein kann." (, 2015)

"...Komponist und Pianist Timo Böcking und seine vierköpfige Vokalbesetzung konnten bei einem Gospelkonzert in der Wilnsdorfer Kirche St. Martinus, wo sie die Passion Christi aufführten, auf ganzer Linie überzeugen. [...] Ein erfüllender Abend, der den Leidensweg Christi würdig nachzeichnete – nicht zuletzt dank der stimmgewaltigen Leistung des Vokalquartetts." (Siegener Zeitung, 2015)


Demo-Mix "Gospel with Passion"


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