Bethlehem - CD 

Yasmina Hunzinger and Timo Böcking bring back well-tried classics like "I stand by your cribs here" and "Oh, holy night" to new life and let their creativity and virtuosity run free in refreshing original compositions. With inspiring lightness and depth of content they musically illustrate the heavenly event of Bethlehem with all its mysterious facets.

A brilliantly played piano and a fascinating voice create a dense atmosphere and atmospheric moments that invite you to sympathize and enjoy. With many guests like Sebastian Cuthbert, Luca Genta, Ricardo Marinello, Markus Segschneider and others.

audio examples here

Price: 12,95 €

Gospel with Passion CD

Expressive ballads and spirited songs in gospel and soul style - the acoustic character of the vocal formation around Timo Böcking also remains on the CD. Tastefully enriched the songs u.a. by Sebastian Cuthbert, Luca Genta, Frieder Jost and Helmut Jost.

Price: 14,95 €

Gospel with Passion - Choir Edition

The choral edition allows motivated gospel choirs and jazz / pop vocal formations to rehearse the choral settings of 'Gospel with Passion'. In addition, the purchase of the choral edition entitles you to listen to and download the individual parts of all songs in a password-protected area of our website.

Price: 9,95 €

Gospel with Passion - Piano Edition

The piano edition allows motivated pianists to rehearse the original piano arrangements of 'Gospel with Passion'. The piano movement largely corresponds to the CD arrangement, but partly also presents   schematized versions of individual parts to ensure better reproducibility.

Price: 18,95 €


Often only individual songs from the program are sung. Therefore, it is unfortunately common practice to purchase 1 copy of the choral edition, and then to copy the notes of the corresponding songs. This practice destroys artistic potential and creative work. On request, there are attractive offers for collective orders of individual songs or whole volumes. Thank you and have fun with handmade music!


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